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Howling with the Moon Summer 2023 Event Series

This series includes the following:
- Girls' Youth Camping, Kayaking and Yoga Retreat 
- Women's Yoga Retreat in Northern MN   
- Energy and Bodywork Series  
       *Summer Wellness Workshops:
           - Introduction to the Chakra System
           - Thai Yoga Massage for Couples, Friends and Families
           - Eating for Energy/Mindful Eating
           - Frugal Feasting
           - Intro to Meditation
           - Sleep, Space and Spring Cleaning
- Yoga on the Parkway
      *Twice/Week for 12 weeks

Get your Merch!

All proceeds from sales will go towards taking 15 young women on a 3-day/2-night camping, kayak, and yoga retreat at Minneopa State Park!

Your support is appreciated! We could not do this work without it:)

Pink Gradient

Taurus Moon is seeking the support from our community in order to realize the dream of opening our Women's Holistic Health + Wellness Center, a beautiful communal space where women can learn from and empower each other - a space where healing happens through community with one another.  This space would allow us to anchor our work and connections in the community.  Having the resources to grow into a brick and mortar would also allow us to provide a separate space where youth can come, eat, play, and feel safe. There is no other space like this on the Northside. These services and having a physical building will assist hundreds of women and youth in North Minneapolis in having access to health + wellness resources, programs, and services by allowing Taurus Moon to further our reach and scope of our vision.

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