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Space Cleansing & Organization

In addition to being a sacred space where we retreat and recharge, our homes are an extension of our energy field and the practices we maintain to keep our home clean, organized and decluttered greatly impact our mind+body+soul. 

Well Organized Closet
Sage + Healing Crystals
Minimize Clutter, release energy.
Organized Pantry

At Taurus Moon, we are here for YOU! We want to see your place transform into a space that serves you best and do so in a way that is accessible and sustainable for you. That means we will meet you where you are at and work with you at whatever pace and frequency feels right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Through this rejuvenation process, you will also gain the tools necessary and support needed to maintain your transformed space.

Our Expertise

Kitchens:   Fridge,  Pantry and Cabinets

Bedrooms & Living Rooms

Home Office

Children's Playrooms

Storage & Garages

Decluttering + Deep Cleaning

Transforming + Repurposing Spaces

Preparing Home for Sale

Arranging New Home

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