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Our Mission

Taurus Moon is committed to creating safe and supportive spaces where people can seek healing and wholeness in community and are empowered and enabled to thrive.

A Resource Center for Holistic Health and Wellness


Rooted in the intuitive knowing that health and happiness are achieved when we consciously care for our(whole)self, Taurus Moon offers classes, programs & services to support adolescent girls and women along their wellness journeys.  

Taurus Moon provides a variety of programs, resources, and services to our community, which include individual and group women’s health coaching; after school and summer programs; yoga, meditation and fitness classes; and holistic health & wellness workshops where women can learn from and empower one another.


  • Holistic Health Coaching Programs for Women and Adolescent Girls

  • Individualized 1-on-1 Wellness Consulting

  • Cooking Classes, Meal Planning, and Nutrition

  • Yoga Classes - Individual and Group

  • Meditation/Breathwork

  • Energy and Bodywork/Reiki/Thai Massage

  • After school and summer programming

  • Space Cleansing & Organization

In addition to our focus on the women of North Minneapolis, Taurus Moon's vision includes providing programming and space for our youth as well.

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