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The History & Background of Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon was originally inspired by the Women’s Center in San Lucas Toliman, a space in the highlands of Guatemala where Taurus Moon Co-Founder, Jocelyn Lovick, volunteered after graduating from high school. 


“The Women’s Center was born of appreciation and respect for the role of the woman in Maya culture. 

Many Maya women are often isolated in their household work. The Women’s Center offers a space where women take care of their tasks of the day collectively, sharing ideas, laughter, and tears.

The grounds of the Women’s Center are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, surrounded by a fruit orchard, vegetable gardens and medicinal plant and floral rock gardens. There are benches and paths throughout the grounds encouraging wandering meditation and an appreciation of the beauty of nature.” (

Jocelyn’s dream of opening up a women’s center was born in Guatemala but it grew and developed in Minneapolis through her work and relationship with other womxn in her community. Taurus Moon is the full maturity of this dream and seeks to provide fully functional, aesthetically beautiful and uplifting spaces where women can come together for the highest expression of their self: mind+body+soul.

Our Leadership Team

TM Leadership

From left to right

Nandi Solorzano, she/her
Board Chair

Nandi has over 15 years of experience in education and brings skills around organizational leadership, marketing, and environmental consciousness to our work. Nandi is passionate about all things animal welfare, anti-cruelty, anti exploitation and rescue. She is an environmentalist, tree hugger, plant lover, and yogi. 

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, Minneapolis Public Schools 


Co-founder, Academia ELZE Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center

Ola Lloyd, she/her
Board Member

Ola is a longtime resident of North Minneapolis and a graduate of North High School. For 27 years, Ola has worked in K-12 education in a variety of roles including parent liaison, behavior dean, and as a school counselor.

In her free time, Ola enjoys spending her time with family, learning new things, taking long walks, and supporting the community. 

Licensed School Counselor, Minneapolis Public Schools

Coordinator, GEAR UP

Henrietta Coulliard, she/her
Board Member

Henrietta has worked in the mental health field for 10 years and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Henrietta is passionate about mental health and wellness, women and youth empowerment, and maternal health.  

Reading, traveling, exercising, learning, and spending time with family and friends are just a few of the things she enjoys in her leisure. 

School-based Therapist, Minneapolis Public Schools

Liza Docken, she/her
Board Member

Liza brings an "outside of the box" approach, humor, and nature driven focus to everything she does. With a background in education, nonprofit development, and holistic wellness, Liza offers a well-rounded perspective and skillset. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Liza enjoys connecting with nature, traveling, reading, writing, curiosity, creativity, and laughing. 

Yoga Instructor

Meditation Guide

Maria Ahlgren, she/her
Executive Assistant

Maria has a history of community organizing, youth program planning and facilitation, as well as over 15 years as a chef. As a resident of North Minneapolis and educator in Minneapolis Public Schools, Maria combines her passions for community, the youth, and fostering partnerships to create a welcoming space for healing and wellness. 

In her free time, Maria spends time with her son, enjoys time at the lake, camping, and cooking.

Associate Educator, Minneapolis Public Schools

Meredith Foss, they/she/he
Board Member

Meredith brings many experiences and a broad range of knowledge to our team. A strong, visionary leader; she brings emotional intelligence, compassion, humor, and fun to our board and mission.

Meredith enjoys yoga, reading, traveling, cabin time, and being with family.

Yoga Instructor

Intuitive Healer

Cynthia Harmon Robinson, she/her
Board Treasurer

Cynthia is a 2018 graduate of Henry High School and has remained connected to the community through youth work and entrepreneurship. She brings her passion for personal development, financial literacy education for young people, and business management to our team. Cynthia is a deep thinker, philosopher, and is always learning and growing. 

Special Education Assistant + Girls Basketball Coach, Minneapolis Public Schools

Jocelyn Lovick, she/her
Founder, Executive Director

Jocelyn has a long history in the health and wellness industry and has been serving women and adolescent girls in Minneapolis since 2010. As a certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor, energy and bodywork practitioner and licensed teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools, Jocelyn provides a range of services and has supported hundreds of women and adolescent girls on their journeys of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Joc's interests include youth development, holistic education, cooking, boating, climbing, hosting backyard bbqs, traveling, yoga, and retreats.

Lilli Senaphanh, she/her
Board Secretary

*not pictured


Lilli has lived her whole life in North Minneapolis and is a recent graduate of Henry High School (with Honors, of course!). After high school, Lilli got right to work serving her community in various roles and started to explore a career in nonprofits. Her ability to be a leader amongst her peers and younger youth is invaluable to the mission of our work. 

After School Program Coordinator, Minneapolis Public Schools

Youth Program Coordinator, Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization

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